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How can I save energy?
How can I save energy?
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Power saving tips for your home

Sounds boring we know, but who doesn’t like the thought of some extra cash in their wallet.
Here are our quick and easy power saving tips for your home.

  • Close your curtains at sundown to minimise the heat loss

  • Use cold water instead of warm for laundry

  • Turn appliances off at the wall rather than leaving them on standby mode

  • A shower is more efficient than a bath as it uses less water

  • Make sure your hot water cylinder is the right temperature. Too high and it’ll cost you more to heat, too low and bacteria may breed. Tip - The Ministry of Health recommend a temperature of 60 degrees celsius or higher to prevent the growth of Legionella bacteria

  • Make sure your fridge doors have a good seal. As in those rubber things. Not the marine animal 😊

Lastly if your budget allows, we’d also recommend you install energy efficient light bulbs, insulate walls ceilings and floors, and choose high-efficiency appliances for even greater power savings. Check the Gen Less website for further power saving tips.

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