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Joining & Moving

Find info on how to join and how to move address if you are already with us


Find info on how to order LPG, LPG Safety Advice & LPG Installation Guide

Manage my energy

Find info on how to login or sign up for the app, and how to reset your password

Faults, Outages, & Fraud

Find info on Electricity/Gas Faults. Power Outages and Fraud


Find info on what to do if there is an emergency related to Electricity, Bottled Gas and Piped Gas

My Bill

Find info on Frank Energy's Billing


Find info on Frank Energy's Pricing for Electricity, Piped Gas and LPG Bottled Gas here

Plans, Payments & Pricing

Find info on pricing plans, ways to make payments + more

Vulnerable Customers

Find info on Medical Dependency and info if you are having trouble paying


Find info here on Frank Energy's Buy Back for Solar

Electricity Smartmeters

Find info on the benefits of having a smartmeter, how to tell if you have a smartmeter + More

Resolution Process

Find info on Our Resolution Process and contacting us or contacting Utilities Disputes

Fees and extra charges

Find info on Franks Electricity. Piped Gas, and other service fees here

Happy Hours