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Experiencing a power outage?
Experiencing a power outage?

No Power, No Hot Water

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Have a look at the checklists below.

Safety First!

  • If you smell gas inside, get out immediately. Leave doors open.

  • If there is any risk to people or property (fire, for example) call 111.

  • If you smell smoke or there’s a fire, turn off your mains.

  • Turn off sensitive electrical equipment (computers, cooking, heating)

No Power?

  • Is your main switch turned on? (Some properties have a mains switch in the meter box and the fuse box).

  • Any fuses blown?

  • Do your neighbours have power?

  • Are the street lights on?

  • Has anyone seen or heard anything that may have affected your power? (Any lines down?)

  • Have you received any notifications about planned outages?

  • If you have an advanced meter, is there a red light flashing on it? (If there is, then the outage is within your property).

No Hot Water?

  • Is your hot water cylinder switched on?

  • Have you used all the hot water?

  • Is the water lukewarm? If so, your network company could be load shedding as hot water is usually heated for 16-19 hours a day.

  • Have you given it the opportunity to heat up? (From dead cold, a cylinder can take up to 6 hours to fully reheat).

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