Preparing for an outage
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To minimise any inconvenience a power outage could cause please consider:

Protecting your appliances.
Turn off any sensitive electrical equipment at the wall, such as computers, modems, fax machines and media players. Otherwise, please ensure your equipment is protected against power surges. Note that as long as fridges and freezers are kept closed, the food inside shouldn't be affected.

Protecting anyone in your home that has critical medical equipment powered by mains electricity, or is reliant on electricity for critical medical support. If the disconnection of electricity may result in loss of life, or serious harm to you or someone in your home, you will need to ensure that you have an emergency response plan in place to respond to this electricity outage.

Protecting yourself.
Please remember to be careful and treat all lines and equipment as live at all times. Your power may be restored without warning and possibly earlier than planned.

Occasionally there may be events or circumstances beyond our control which may prevent the planned outage(s) from occurring, or may cause the interruption times and dates to vary. We apologise for any inconvenience should this happen and, where possible, will do our best to stick to the timeframes we’ve given you.

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